Analyses of certain sellers may not be 100% accurate. This is due to the fluctuating availability of data eBay provides us with. Still, these inaccuracies are only minor.

What is it that affects the accuracy of analyses of eBay sellers then?

Aproximation of multiple items sales in the past

It is not possible to find out the exact date of sale and number of sold items for the period of time when there was no monitoring of active items in progress (only Plan History was ordered).

This is due to the unavailability of data provided by eBay. It can occur only in the case of multiple items sales (when a seller offers more pieces of one item).

We therefore estimate these sales – we spread them out evenly over time. In the end the total sales add up, but are do noit necesserily reflect a given day’s sales.

To avoid this minor issue, we advise that when you select the analysis of a new seller, you also purchase the Active Listings Monitoring Plan. This will secure more accurate data results.

Make-an-offer item sales

It is not possible to find out from eBay whether a given item was sold for the original asking price or whether the seller agreed to a lower price offer. These sales are included in our analyses as sold for the full original price.

Sales cancelled by the seller

If the buyer requests to have their purchase cancelled or if the seller is unable to supply the item and cancels the transaction, it is still noted in our analyses as a sale.

Transactions occurring around midnight

Transactions occurring just before midnight may get included in the next day’s calculations. This is due to eBay’s data processing, which can take several hours.

Another factor is the time when we read the eBay data.

Unpaid sales

We are not informed as to whether a buyer actually paid for their item or not. Our analyses reflect sales made, whether paid for or not.

Multi-variation items

With items sold in more variations, such as different colors or sizes, we are not informed as to the exact variation sold. We calculate the cheapest variation with these transactions.