Can I choose the currency in which the analysis is shown?


You can set your preferred currency in your user settings in the application, located in the top right-hand corner (user icon, select Account Settings – simply click here). If you do not see your currency in the list, please write to us. We will gladly add it to the list.

Why do I have to register for an eBay account to add a new seller?

eBay provides data only to its registered users.

Do I have to be an eBay seller?


You do not have to be an eBay seller to make use of You simply must have a regular eBay account. If you do not have an eBay account, you can register here. It’s easy and it’s free!



How accurate is the data?

Analyses of certain sellers are 100% accurate, while others might be slightly divergent from reality. This is due to the availability of data on eBay. Click here for more information

How soon after adding a new seller will I be able to see the analysis?

Analyses of newly added sellers are available from anywhere between a few minutes to several tens of minutes.

It all depends on the number of items that the seller is listing or had listed in the past, as well as on the number of requests from our users that were in line before you.

How often is data updated?

All data is updated once a day. Data chart and graph analyses use a one-day (24hr) value as the smallest unit.

Information as to the last update is available in the top right-hand corner – next to the small ‘i‘ icon.


Pricing and payment

Secure payment and data protection

We do not have access to the payment information you enter (such as your credit card number).

We do not process payments.  We use Braintree (a Paypal service), a large-scale payment service provider, as our payment processor, who only lets us know if your payment went through. Your card information and PayPal account are therefore secure.

Is a free trial of available?


Analyses of small scale sellers (those with 100 listed items or less) are free of charge

You can see for yourself just how useful our analytics tool is. Pricing information regarding analyses for larger scale sellers and extended time frames is shown in our Pricing Plan.