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How does it work?

  • A new user will register with us through any one of your social media sites using a special affiliate link and will sign up within 30 days.
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You gain 50 users. Each of them will during one year make 5 orders on analyses for $10.
That means: 50*5*10*0.3 = $750. After 3 years, that would be $2,250!



If you have registered with us already, you do not have to do a thing. If you still do not have a free account, please register here. It only takes a minute.

Your affiliate link and amount of earnings will be available to you by clicking the little figure icon and the Affiliate menu, as well as on the link below:


Share or create contents

How to start? The quickest and easiest way is via social media sites. Let your friends know about our analytic tool. Have you discovered something new about your sales or competition?  Share it… and earn money!

You can also create a blogspot about how to use MyStoreAnalyst and what its benefits are.

There are so many other ways that we are sure you would find – we only have one condition – please do not spam!


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