We consider privacy and personal data to be our primary responsibility and we only handle personal data in accordance with applicable law.

We have created this privacy policy to explain how we can collect, store, process, share and transfer your personal information if you visit our site or use our services. This privacy policy applies to your personal information when visiting sites or using services. We run our services through the www.mystoreanalyst.com website.

If you have questions that you did not find in our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Which personal data do we process?

When you visit our site or use our services, we collect your information, including the following:

  • Registration and Use Information – When signing up for an account to use our services, we collect personal information needed to offer and provide these services. Depending on what services you choose, we may prompt you to provide us with the name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, and identification data required to create your account. While using our services, we may ask you to provide additional personal information.
  • Information about Transactions and Use of Services – When you use our services or access our site, for example when ordering an analysis, we collect information about these transactions and other transaction-related information such as order price, payment method information, device information, and technical information of use.
  • Personal information you have provided us to obtain additional services or certain online services – When you ask us for an optional site feature or you choose it, or when you request enhanced services or other optional features, we may collect additional information from you. If the use of this personal information differs from the use contained in this Privacy Policy, we will provide a separate notice.
  • Other collected information related to your use of our site or services – When you contact us, contact customer support, or respond to a questionnaire, we may collect additional information from you or from you.

How and why do we process your personal data?

  • For the purpose of operating sites and providing services, including:
    • For authentication purposes, access to your account
    • To communicate with you about your account, sites and services
    • For linking your account with a third party account or platform
  • For our business needs, such as for tracking, analyzing and improving the site’s services and performance and functionality. For example, we analyze user behavior and determine how our services are used.
  • In order to manage risks and protect sites, services and you from frauds by verifying your identity and also to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of sites and services.
  • To fulfill our obligations and to ensure compliance with the terms of use of our site and services, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Also for the following purposes:
    • Offering and providing marketing materials about our products and online services, and the products and services of independent companies. We may also process your personal information to personalize certain services or sites to your interests as we understand them.
    • Providing customized services or third party sites and online services. Based on your personal information and other information gathered in accordance with these privacy policies, we may offer targeted content, features, or offers on third-party websites. We may provide these online services based on information from cookies and other tracking technologies, or in cooperation with other third parties, such as advertising or analytics.
    • In order to respond to your requests, for example, to be able to contact you in connection with a query you have sent to Customer Service.

Can we process your personal data without your consent?

Yes, there may be situations when we do not need your consent to process your personal information.

This can happen in the following cases:

  • When you order one of our services or a product, we process your data based on the purpose of performance of the contract.
  • At a time when demanded by a law or other regulation.
  • When processing is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interest, in particular ensuring the security of our website.

Data transfer abroad

Our online traffic is operated through a network of computers, cloud servers and other infrastructure and information technologies, which also includes third-party service providers.

The above parties may operate in jurisdictions other than us and outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. These countries do not always have an equivalent level of protection for personal data.

How do we communicate with you?

When we obtain consent to the processing of personal data, or in a situation where the processing of personal data is not conditional on obtaining consent (for example, in order to fulfill the contract), we will communicate through:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Personally

How long do we process your personal data?

Personal data of users who are our customers using any of the paid services or products are processed for the duration of the cooperation and then for 10 years after its termination.

The personal data of people who have expressed interest in information, downloading brochures, e-books, subscribing to newsletters, etc. are processed for the duration of the consent until the time of its withdrawal, but for a maximum of 5 years.

You can revoke consent by writing to our e-mail (see contact).

We process cookie personal data for 5 years.

How do we protect your personal data?

We take a number of security measures to protect your personal information.

We use modern technology to protect data, which corresponds to the current level of technical development, and we implement all possible current measures to protect personal data from unauthorized third party interventions.

Please keep in mind that if you communicate with us via e-mail, chat or other applications, these ways of communication may not be encrypted. Therefore, you should not use them to communicate confidential information.

Who has access to your personal data?

We, as a Personal Data Manager, have access to your personal data, and our colleagues are responsible for distributing newsletters and business communications.

These colleagues are verified, they only have access to the data they need to provide the service and only for the necessary time.

Information about the data processor

Our processors have access to your personal data.

These are only those entities that provide us with sufficient guarantees and guarantee that the requirements will be met on the basis of applicable legislation.

List of data processors

We process your personal data with Sendinblue. Link to their Privacy Policy: https://www.sendinblue.com/legal/privacypolicy/

How can you withdraw your consent?

You may withdraw your voluntary consent to the processing of personal data at any time, free of charge.

Send us an e-mail with your consent (contacts).

However, this withdrawal of your consent is without prejudice to the processing of your personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill other obligations imposed by law or by any other law.

What rights do you have regarding the processing of personal data?

On the basis of the Personal Data Protection Act and other legal regulations, in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, you have the following rights:

  • Your right to withdraw your consent at any time
  • The right to modify, amend, and supplement your personal data
  • The right to demand a limitation on the processing of personal data
  • The right to object, in certain cases, to the processing of your personal data
  • The right to request the transfer of your personal data
  • The right to access your personal data
  • In some cases, the right to be notified of a personal data violation
  • The right to be ‘forgotten’, the right to deletion of personal data, unless otherwise regulated by law or other legal obligation

As a data subject, you have the right to ask what personal data we process about you.


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What else should you know?

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

We may occasionally adjust these privacy policies to reflect changes in our business activity, site or service, or applicable laws. The updated privacy policy is effective from the effective date of its entry into force.

If the updated version involves a substantial change, we will notify you 30 days in advance by posting a change report on our site. We may also notify users about the changes by e-mail or other means.

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