is a powerful analytic tool for eBay. It regularly monitors current sales and can track sales up to three months back since the addition of a new seller. There are ten analyses available with easy-to-understand charts to help you increase your current sales or identify and start a new business.

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eBay Analyses


Basic information about the seller. For example, date of registration on eBay, links to their products and eBay store.

Sales Sales

Sales overview is one of the most important analyses. You will gain insight into the seller’s sales and the trends that shape their selling. For specialized sellers, you may even be able to calculate their earnings given basic knowledge and estimation.


An overview of the product categories in which the seller offers their goods. You can see both sales per category, as well as the numbers and comparison of items listed and sold. You can easily find out which category of goods brings you the most sales and which categories are the least in demand.


Price overview of listed items. Prices are displayed in the histogram. You can easily find out whether it is the cheaper or more expensive items that get sold more often. Of course, you can compare sales data with item data (prices of listed items versus prices of items sold).

Ended itemsEnded items

Analysis of ended items. These are the items that have been sold out or ended by the seller or have expired. You will find out whether most of your items get sold or end without a sale.


This analysis will provide information as to where your customers come from. Sales are categorized by countries of purchase (for your sales).

The next graph will show you the eBay clones on which the seller sells and which might be more successful.


An overview of where a seller ships their items as well as which countries and regions are excluded. You will also find shipping prices and shipping services here.

ParametresItem parameters

Nine charts let you know how the seller offers their item. E.g. auction or fixed price, duration of auctions. Which day had the most sales, etc.

By looking at the graphs, you can try to determine which parameters will increase your chance of sales.


A list of all seller items. You have powerful filtering and sorting at your disposal. You can see sales made and other information about specific items.


An overview of buyer feedback. Aside from the collective values also shown on eBay, progressive ratings attained are available as well (for the duration of the analysis of active items).