Are your eBay seller fees higher than they need to be?

Are you using the “Good ‘Till Cancelled” option for items listed as Buy It Now? You might be paying higher seller fees to eBay than you need to. Thanks to, you can find and adjust item listings that unnecessarily raise your seller fees.

Some types of items are bound to sell more successfully than others. This might be due to current trends in buyer demands, the price at which the item is being listed, as well as how the listing itself is created (quality of photos, item description, etc.).

New eBay listing - Fixed price - 'Good Till Cancelled'Many of the items sold on eBay are sold at fixed price. With this type of listing, you can set the auction duration at 3, 5 7, 10 or 30 days, or “Good ‘Till Cancelled”. With the 30-day option, eBay will automatically renew the listing after 30 days, unless the item gets sold. You will of course be charged the seller fee again once the 30 days expire and the item relists. With the other options, the item simply ends as unsold and will wait for your manual relisting.

These items can be active on eBay for many years, without ever getting sold. Their sellers pay for each of their automatic relisting, which can in the long run amount to quite large sums.

If you are only selling several tens of items on eBay you can monitor that easily. However, if you are selling hundreds of items, of which some are auctions, some set at fixed price with varying durations, you simply cannot monitor everything and are wasting your money.

These items that have not sold for years could instead be put up for an extra sale or sold in an auction.

Analysis "Items" - you can find and adjust item listings that unnecessarily raise your seller feesWith, you can locate these items easily. Just go to your analyses, select yourself (your seller) and go to the Item analysis. Set the filter to:

  • Status = Active
  • Type = Fixed price
  • Duration = Good ‘Till Cancelled
  • You can limit the amount of sold items or sales

If many items are located, you can order your findings in the last column „Started“ (the oldest first).

In our example, only one item was found. The item was listed on 2014-10-15, price $10 and total sales are $20.

Since the listing date, the item had been relisted 45 times. As this seller sells on a smaller scale, the fee for listing this item is $0.3. In total, the listing fees for this item paid to eBay equalled $13.50. Therefore, selling such an item under these conditions does not seem very logical.

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